design bundles

Here is a range of services I provide, and starting prices for graphic/web design and illustrations. Estimates for full pricing can be given per project request. Most work is done by an hourly rate, though set costs can be set up for budget specific work. See design bundles for set pricing options. For inquiries, or to arrange a consultation, fill out the request form (all fields required).

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Graphic Design pricing is $25 per hour or a set amount for bundles. Available services include, but are not limited to, logo and branding, business cards, advertisements (for online or print), menues and booklets, textile design and prints, photo editing or manipulations, vector drawings and line art, invitations and stationary. See Joddi Invitations for invitation pricing and information.

Web Design pricing is set per page, starting at $150, plus fees for extra features. Choose between Coded, Wordpress, or Template Websites - click here to compare options! Every site includes basic SEO standards. No hosting or domain services are provided. I write in HTML and CSS, including basic JavaScript, Jquery, and PHP. Available services include websites, e-mail designs, pdf forms, wordpress themes, tumblr and other blog/site layouts.

Illustration pricing is $25 per hour or set amounta based on size and detail of the commission. Print requests available from my personal work and past projects. Services include original artwork, fan art, posters, tattoo concepts, portraits, and prints.