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Ever hear the one about the shoe-maker always having holes in their shoes, or the contractor’s house which is in need of a reno? Well that’s exactly what was happening to my own brand! With steady work coming in, keeping up with my own online presence became the last item on my list of priorities.

Back in January I teased you all with a re-brand. “It’s coming soon!” I said to everyone online… for about 7 months. But I’m happy to announce, that it has finally arrived! Well, at least the landing page for now. The full website — which will include services and portfolios for my work in design, websites, invitations, and illustrations — is set to launch for a more realistic date, in December.

jessica oddi old logojessica oddi old logo grey

But why the rebrand? To be honest, though old faithful above worked great for a design student fresh out of college, it didn’t really represent what I did anymore. At the start, I wanted to showcase my adaptable style, and that illustration clipped into a rounded corner rectangle, did just the trick! Okay fine, it was also a painting I really liked from a college project that didn’t go anywhere, so I decided to recycle it. (But if any of my teachers are reading this, I’ll deny breaking a cardinal rule of graphic design to NOT use things just because!)

But to be serious, In the last four years, I’ve seen my business grow and definitely taper into four categories. Most of the work requested by clients were for business branding. I started doing less illustration, and more logos / websites. It was time to really provide a clear description of what I do! But how do you advertise that you offer a wide range of work? So I came up with an icon system, something clean and simple, that could represent each of the services I provide. Design, websites, invitations, and illustration. Each it’s own division, all under one umbrella.

design websites invitations illustration

That’s where colour took a play in the new mix too! As embarrassing as it is to admit as a designer, my old green colour was chosen because, well it was my favourite hue. So when it came time to rebrand, I took a bit more consideration into the theme. Greyscale was definitely going to be a key element, as it acts as a good background to showcase work with a wide range of colours. But for the pop? I ultimately decided on mint green. It’s fresh and calming, and paired well with the greyscale without being too much of a contrast.

Well that’s the reason behind the new look! I can’t wait to share the full site with you all later this year. I have to give a BIG shout out (and thank you) to ginger-snap photography for the AMAZING new head-shots! Could not have completed the new look without some fresh photos. Here’s some of my favourite snaps from our fun shoot downtown:

jessica oddi image 1jessica oddi image 2jessica oddi image 3
jessica oddi image 4jessica oddi image 5jessica oddi image 6

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