can you be too early for invites?

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In short, the answer is no way! It’s never too early to get the process started. In fact, I recommend booking a consultation at least 5-6 months before your event date, especially when it comes to wedding packages (smaller events may require less). But why so early? Well, for those curious about the process, take a look at my timeline for creating custom invitations:

Step 1: Consultation (begin 5-6 months prior to event date / duration 0.25-1 week)

This is where we meet to discuss all options/ideas for the project. It helps to bring any inspiration or ideas you may have with you! After our free consult, I come up with an estimate and a game plan for your invitations, to ensure everything goes smoothly in the timeline. The earlier we meet, the more time I have to order any special items, and gather materials. Speaking or ordering, that brings us to the next step.

Step 2: Ordering Materials (begin 5-6 months prior to event date / duration 0.5-1 month)

Once we’ve finalized our game plan for creating your perfect package, it’s time to start ordering materials! With the exchange rate always fluctuating, I tend to get my envelopes/specialty papers from a Canadian source. As amazing as they are, it can sometimes take up to 1 month for an order to arrive! Of course that’s worst case scenario, but it’s always a better idea to be prepared rather than be short on stock. NOTE: if your project does not require outsourced products (or can be acquired from the local print shop I use), then we’ll move right along to step 3!

Step 3: Designing Concepts (begin 4-5 months prior to event date / duration 1-2 weeks)

This step can start at the same time as ordering/collecting materials for the project. The duration depends on client feedback time, as well as how many concepts are being made. Here I will design digital copies of potential invitations (depending on the amount of extra elements being used, estimates may be written up at this stage instead of after the consultation). Of course this also depends on when the client can get all the information from the venue.

Step 4: Printing and Assembly (begin 3-5 months prior to event date / duration 1-2 months)

Once we have our invitation design, we enter the lovely printing and assembly stage. This process can be as short as 2 weeks, or as long as 2 months. Local printing can take up to 2 weeks. Which leaves more time for all the gluing, stacking, writing, stuffing, bow-tying, cutting, and everything else required for your desired invitation. NOTE: if your prints are being done through an online source, we must also factor in time for shipping.

Step 5: Hand Over for Mailing (begin 1-3 months prior to event date / duration varies)

This is where it ends folks! I package up all the invites, to be picked up by my clients, so they can begin mailing everything out. A little rule of thumb, if your invitation requires a mail-back RSVP, then you should send them out 3 months prior to your event date. This gives your guests plenty of time to respond back to you. For call/email RSVPS, 1 month is usually enough. NOTE: the RSVP date can be set to 1 month before the event date, giving me (or yourself) ample time to make place/table settings.

Well, there you have it! Of course each project timeline will differ depending on the nature of your event. I’ve come through with some pretty tight deadlines in the past. But it definitely never hurts to be well prepared. Either way, I’ll make sure to help get you the invitations you desire, on time. Whether it be a small or large event, contact me today to get the ball rolling!

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