booked in september!

First, I hope everyone had a great Labour Day Weekend! Fall is officially here (well work wise of course, seasonally we still get the rest of the month). The little ones are all off to school, meaning work tends to pick up again. Though, I can definitely say it’s remained steady throughout the summer.

Though the month has just begun, I’m officially all booked up with projects for September! For the next 30 days, I will not be able to take on any new work. All requests will be scheduled to begin in October. This doesn’t apply to those clients currently under a long term contract, or those I’ve already started work for. Things will commence as usual. Contact me for any questions or concerns.

Often times I get so caught up in accepting new work, that I tend to over book myself. The constant to-do-list from this past summer left me feeling ill and over stressed (something I haven’t felt since being out of college for almost 5 years now). Sometimes it’s really easy to forget that I chose freelancing to not over-exhaust my limited energy! Not to mention I have a terrible tendency to not listen to my body, and ignore all the signs from my physical disability. So with all the current projects I have lined up, I decided to officially book off the month of September to work.

Thanks in advance for understanding, and sorry for any inconveniences! I look forward to finishing up the work I have, and taking a little time to reboot for October (wow I can’t believe we’re already talking fall over here). I hope you all enjoy whatever September is offering. Have to admit, as much as I’ll miss the warm weather, I’ll be looking forward to the cozy sweaters and warm cappuccinos!

booked for september - original photo by Teresa Kluge on Unsplash

Edited background image. Original photo taken from Unsplash, credited to:

Teresa Kluge

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