closed for the holidays

closed for the holidays Dec 20 - Jan 08

Hello everyone! Sorry for being MIA on here. It’s been quite a wonderfully busy year, filled with exciting projects (both new and continued work). But that time of year is upon us! The holidays are creeping up fast, and it’s time I start to wind down for the winter. And so, work will be closed from December 20 – January 8.

Since I’ll be spending most of December wrapping up work, now seems like a good time for a little thank you message. To all of my clients, friends and family, and to all those recommendations, a big thank you! My business is what it is today because of all your kind words and support.

Come the new year, you’ll also notice a change in my availability! After January 8, I’ll be responding to all messages Tuesday-Friday. Mondays will be reserved for finishing up ongoing work, and organizing the week ahead! This is something I’ve been thinking of implementing for a little while now. And I’ve realized that the best way I can continue to provide quality work is to balance out my time throughout the week. This way the energy levels stay up, and you can get the best work!

For December, I’ve noticed the best way to wind down (or amp up really) is to blast the holiday music, and enjoy sips of eggnog. (Highly suggest Sia’s Everyday is Christmas album, which has been on repeat since my pal Mark recommended it to me.)

However you choose to unwind, to everyone reading this, I wish you a wonderful holiday season! May the season be full of delicious food, and fun times. See you all in 2018!

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