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Need a website, but not sure exactly where to start? No problem! There are a couple things to think about before selecting an option. For instance, would you like to be in control of editing your site in the future? Or figuring out which domain and hosting plan you’d be purchasing / already have purchased (domain and hosting are not provided with my design services). So take your time to read through a brief description of each website building option below, to see which one would best suite your budget and needs.

three images, first option 1 coded website with a picture of, second option 2 wordpress theme with a picture of, and third option 3 basic editing with a picture of

Option 1: Fully Coded Website (Custom Built and Updated by Jessica)

This option uses HTML/CSS to create a purely one-of-a-kind website. Built and coded myself, it’s a great option for those not looking to to manage their site in the future. This is also better for those who do not update their content regularly (though it is recommended to make changes your site frequently for better SEO). Optional WordPress integration available, so clients may take control of their own blog portion of their website.

Pricing for a mobile responsive website ranges from $100 – $150 / page (depending on additional elements like slideshows or custom forms). Domain and hosting servers not included, and must be purchased from a third party (which I’d be more than happy to help set up). Future updates are priced $25 / hr and set up as a tab tracked throughout the year.

Option 2: WordPress / Blog Themes (Tutorials Available for Future Client Use)

A WordPress Theme is the perfect option for those looking for partial or full editing capabilities of their own website in the future. Completely custom layouts are available for themes that I fully code (allowing some editing restrictions by the client). Or more basic set ups can be designed for those looking for full control in the future.

Pricing can range from $600 and up for a WordPress Theme, depending on the amount of coding required for the desired layout. Plugins are an extra cost if needed. Pricing per page is also available. For those needing assistance, I also offer a step by step tutorial for $50 to those needing lessons on how to update their new WordPress site.

Option 3: Basic Website Editing (Using a Third Party Service)

This more economical option is for those clients looking for a simple layout help. Want to use a site like Wix or Square Space, but having trouble with the design? I use their platform to build a website, and ensure everything is laid out properly. Though it doesn’t offer as many customizations, it’s a wonderful option for those wanting e-commerce capabilities, or a simple code-free layout they can edit themselves.

Pricing can vary, but is averaged at $75 / page. Any costs for the client’s site choice (which usually include hosting and domain) is not included in my design fee.

If you’re still unsure which option would be best for you, never fear! We can set up a free consultation to discuss ideas, and get you the website that will work for your business needs. Contact me today for any questions!

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