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three images, first photo of a laptop in front of a window at a coffee shop, the second photo a birds-eye view of a table with coffee and books as well as a pair of glasses, and the third another birds-eye view of a dark table with a notebook and laptop as well as coffee and cellphone case

What’s that saying again? Love what you do and you never work a day in your life. Well even at the risk of most likely having butchered that quote, I can say that it’s not really the case. It’s really more around the lines of “love what you do and all the hard work you put into it will feel worth it.” (Yup that seems more like it.)

These past few days I had a couple meetings with clients looking for a rebrand. And while I was scheduling them in (after hearing all about their exciting business ventures), I was hit with one of those beautiful little “reminder” moments. You know, the ones that pop up to smack you in the face with how great things are? In this case, that reminder was the reason why I love what I do. I’ll get to that in a moment, first a little back story:

Most of last year was spent over-booked, stuffed in the office for long hours without much of a break. My workload began to increase, and deadlines kept feeling shorter and shorter with every new project that was taken on. I was stressed, exhausted, and living day to day just trying to get through the dreaded “to-do” list. Not to say I wasn’t creatively thriving with all the fun and exciting requests. In fact it was quite the opposite, really fine tuned my skills as a designer. It just seemed to become overwhelming, and a question began to make it’s way to the surface… “is this all really worth it?”

But with a nice long break over the holidays (and forming better scheduling habits in 2018), things started shaping up. I got back into the swing of things, tackling deadlines and feeling good. And on top of that, I was reminded of why I love freelancing, just by having a couple little meetings (see told you I’d get back to that). Honestly, anyone listening in on us during those consultations, probably thought I had a bit too much coffee. Everything was exciting! Ideas flying around left and right, future plans and marketing strategies, as well as countless over-the-top photos being taken of our work environment. Which, by the way, ended up being useful for this blog post, so who’s laughing now?

In the midst of all that new-year-new-look excitement came the “reminder” moment that hit me hard. I love designing for people! Hearing my clients get motivated as they tell me what they’re looking for, having ideas spark in my head, and that final moment when it all comes together and a beautiful concept is born… it’s magical! (Yes I just spoke of creative concepts being as miraculous as a child.)

I have the fun privilege of helping a business develop a strong identity. Using a combination of art and math on the daily to get things looking just right, is frankly super satisfying. On top of that, being able to do what I enjoy for friends and family, makes it all even more exciting! Seriously, who spends a good 10 minutes of a meeting geeking out over successfully positioning a tag on the perfect angle to align with a notebook? My friends and I do, that’s who. But in all seriousness, seeing those I’m close with get to pursue their passion, and being able to help to achieve that goal in my own creative way? That’s why I love what I do.

That’s what makes all the hours and efforts worth while. For all the work and fatigue that goes into freelancing, having the opportunity to help build someone’s business into something beautifully unique, definitely makes it all feel worth it! Not to mention, I cannot wait to share with you all these two particular projects for 2018. Stay tuned!

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