and so I’m back


…from outer space! Actually, from holidays (clever I know). Starting this week off a little slower, easing my way back into a routine for 2019. As I’m sure you all have experienced in one way or another.

This year’s bringing on some pretty exciting projects so far! Already lined up to wrap up some branding bundles, and of course stock piling card stock for Joddi Invitations. I also have some goodies to share over social media the next few months. But if you’re feeling a bit antsy, and don’t feel like waiting, visit the gallery pages!

Some new price changes are in affect for the new year as well! To any new clients (not those currently on long term contracts, or with projects that were put on hold from 2018), my hourly rate is $35. Set prices can still be arranged depending on the nature of your project. Feel free to send me a message for an estimate.

I can still be reached by e-mail or text, from Tuesdays – Fridays between 10:30am – 6pm. Though as a freelancer I’m usually working past those hours, decided to set a communication time frame to avoid answering messages in the evening.

Happy new year to all my clients, friends, and wonderful folk who keep recommending and sharing my work. Surreal to think that I’ve been freelancing for almost 6 years now.

Until next time,

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